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Sheboygan Eagles DGC success relies heavily on having a strong membership base. We have a diverse family of golfers with many different backgrounds and talents that come together to make the organization great. We are open to any and all willing to support the growth of the sport and promote disc golf in a positive image. 

Each year the club also holds an annual cook out on Vollrath basket removal day where we raffle off a variety of prizes to our members and bag tag holders. It is a great time to socialize and enjoy celebrating the years accomplishments. 

The club appreciates the input and ideas of its members to help guide the direction and activities we participate and accomplish each year. Club meetings are a time for any and all in the community to vote and provide their feedback. Announcements on meetings dates and times are shared on the clubs Facebook page. 

 In short if your a member of our Sheboygan area disc golf community we consider you part of the club and family. We will run special pre-order opportunities to get club stamped discs/gear/etc and hold various work days and events that we appreciate your help with and attendance. We are all here to make this disc golf community as awesome as it can be. Currently we are not charging dues.

Interesting fact:

Our furthest member since our founding has been Kirk Jones #27727 from Dayton, OH pictured to the right

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