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SHEBOYGAN EAGLES DGC is honored to host and run the Pickle Open - WI Tour Stop event. As one of the longest run events in the state of WI, we do all we can to be sure to produce a high quality event with a focus on fun and giving the participants a great experience year after year in Pickles memory.

Here is more about Michael "Pickle" Mueller

Pickle 1947 - 1988 "Pickle Open" Vollrath Park, Sheboygan, WI The "Pickle Open" Disc Golf Tournament is held each year during June in memory of a man who deserves the recognition because of his unending dedication to the sport - Michael O. Mueller. I (his wife, Patricia) am appreciative and yet surprised that this tournament has endured more than 25 years. On most weekends Pickle could be found standing on the south lawn of Vollrath Park's bowl near the 18th disc golf basket. Anyone who knew him would remember that one of the things he did best was talk. He was a very outgoing and gregarious person. Most people, not all however, admired his ability to speak his mind, give his opinion, provide suggestions. In addition to talking with golfers at the conclusion of their game it was also time to practice foot bag and pick up litter in the park.

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